2018 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition Specs and Review

2018 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

Honda Ridgeline is Honda’s flagship in pickup truck series. Honda is planning to give upgrade to the upcoming year and release the 2018 version. Not only it has the regular version, Honda will also release the Black Edition. Will it only be a matter of language difference or if it has surprising 2018 Honda Ridgeline … Read more

2018 Honda Odyssey Specs, Review and Price

2018 Honda Odyssey

Honda is one of the automakers that branches out into four-wheel industry with its impressive car lineup. In 2017 where automakers are in race with releasing their 2018 vehicles, Honda will not miss out the as opportunity. The newest of its variant is 2018 Honda Odyssey. The 2018 version is expected to be the successor … Read more

Check More Info about Honda Ridgeline Towing Capacity

Honda Ridgeline towing capacity

When the weekend is coming up soon, you might have imagined brought your off-road toys such as dirt bike or ATV up to the hill. Here, you might need a vehicle that offers ride and handling of a car and also has pickup truck capability to bring your family and tow your toys at the … Read more

2016 Honda Civic Sedan Review


2016 Honda Civic Sedan Review 2016 Honda Civic Sedan will be available in the US marketplace as Honda confirms that they will release this variant with a turbocharged engine. The current Honda Civic Sedan on the marketplace is using regular DOHC engine as the source of the energy, but Honda promise that they will upgrade … Read more

2016 Honda Fit LX Hatchback Redesign


2016 Honda Fit LX Hatchback Redesign 2016 Honda Fit LX hatchback will be coming out soon. Even though this hatchback comes along with facelift, but it does not make the automotive enthusiasts lose their interest in buying this hatchback. Honda knows that the appearance of the hatchback is very important to fascinate the expectant buyers, … Read more

2015 Honda Fit Release Date in USA


2015 Honda Fit Release Date in USA 2015 Honda Fit release date is awaited by the automotive enthusiast that want to buy a hatchback made by Honda. Many people ask about “when the release date of Honda Fit in 2015?” Or another common question like “when will 2015 Honda Fit release?” and some of them … Read more