2014 Dodge EcoDiesel for Sale in USA

Dodge EcoDiesel for sale

What’s most important about pickup truck? Apparently, each person has different answer about it. Some of them would answer the fuel economy is the most important thing. Meanwhile, some of them would say ‘towing capacity’ as the answer. If you are looking for the fuel-efficient pickup truck, then the 2014 Dodge EcoDiesel for sale would … Read more

Dodge Power Wagon 2015 Review

Dodge Power Wagon 2015

The Dodge Power Wagon 2015 was a sensational pickup truck. This truck was one of the best small size trucks on the US market place. Even it was chosen as the Truck of the Year back in 2015! It is not surprising that now, there are a lot of auto fans that would like to … Read more

2017 Dodge Dakota Pickup Truck

2017 dodge dakota

In the late of 1980s, Dodge got serious about competing in the compact pickup in the market. But, Dodge didn’t build another bite-size truck to become the rival against strong-selling imports, but the company creates Dodge Dakota. It is also the first-ever midsize pickup truck. The size is Dakota’s main advantage over the competition in … Read more