2018 Isuzu D-Max Review and Prices

For the ever-loving truck fan that has minimum budget, you may worry no more about this new truck, Isuzu made their new D-Max 2018 to be more approachable with no less of the capabilities. The compact truck has surprising engines, that has been upgraded to be ready for competition with the westerner brand. In Thailand, the similar truck has been released before by Isuzu too, called the Mu-X, and they both are using the same platform in the making with slight differences


2018 Isuzu D-Max Details

Knowing how much it’s worth, here are the specs that you need if you actually wonder. One a first glance there is no different with the 2017 D-Max model, still look rugged with bold grille and chiseled bumper corner. The tire is fitted with 18-(or 21?) inch alloy wheel. There are new bumpers and LED lighting to almost all of the exterior light. Complete with all their brand skid plate all over the body.

2018 Isuzu D-Max

The same, same-old design also happens on the inside of the car, that looks like the older Asian neighbor car. But it is brightening up a bit with the silver trim all over the cabin. There is an additional hill descent control that never before in the Isuzu pickup brand. Reviewing any other pickup car in the same year, it is a bit disappointing to see how Isuzu haven’t reached out to the outside world and keeping up with the trend. The infotainment system has not changed much in the last year, meanwhile any other car already keeping up to join the technology era with at least a touchscreen display that functions as the second smartphone. Even more, it loses up the internet browsing, although it doesn’t do much. Leg and room space don’t really matter since the previous D-Max also has the spacious cabin.

2018 Isuzu D-Max

The exterior and interior may not look much different, but then what’s under? The revamped D-max is now using turbo-diesel called the Bluepower that is helpful for making overtakes and more swift moves without the need to lose speed. It is even picking up speed better and faster even though the torque figure retained. On the average speed, 150km/h the D-Max is still keeping the fuel economy to return 8.2 km/liter. The engine has 3.0 liter DOHC with 16-valve inline-4 with intercooler Turbo-diesel. The maximum power may reach for 177 PS for every 3550-3650 rpm, and the maximum torque will be 380 Nm @ 1800-2200 rpm. The transmission is set to be 5-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual. Fuel consumption and gas emission are mentioned to be efficient just like the old ones.

Another enhancement is the Chassis, that makes the riding experience a bit softer. There are softer front damper and leaf spring in the backside that makes the handling are not much different than any older pickup brand. It may even seem lazy to innovate more.

Release Date and Price

No information regarded the availability in the market just yet, even though it should be one at least one point in the mid-2018. Meanwhile, the price is speculated within range of $ 35,000 – $ 45000 for the base model.

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