2018 Ford Super Chief Review and Price

In 2017 the car is only featured in conventions for future pickup car concepts only. It is a mixture of Ford King Ranch with FC race, and it satisfies the needs of luxury and technology. The 2018 Ford Super Chief is mentioned to be the future design of pickup truck. The main endeavor is to make a powertrain that runs on efficient fuel and eco-friendly release. Take a look at the 2018 Ford Super Chief performance, specs and more all right here.

The first thing you see is the light body made of aluminum yet it is shorter and longer. With the unlikely design of the 3-bar chrome grille, that made you remember of old-style Suzuki family car in the 90’s. It has darker tone of roof with four straight carving to ease the water flow so it can spread better in the front windshield or the back. It is set with LED lighting technology that is now a standard in almost every car and not only the high end one.

Some may say it has a futuristic appearance for a heavy-duty vehicle based on the F-250 Ford design. But if you remember how the 80’s or the 90s SUV design, the truck seems like its gone back to the old car design with a modern twist to it. Of course, those latest twist may come from the rectangular dual LED front head light and the rear it has two lines full width LED light. And while the old car has higher ceiling, the 2018 Ford Super Chief is not, without losing any space inside it.

2018 Ford Super Chief performance

Since it has been worked for years, this pickup car will not be like the old’ predecessor. The comfort and fuel efficiency is now a priority for designing the 2018 Ford Super Chief. Just like the aluminum body, the interior is fitted with brushed aluminum as well, combined with American Walnut wood to still keep it classy. The brown premium leather is covering the upholstery and the steering wheel too. Standard infotainment system that has touchscreen with smartphone-like features goes in here too, with additional two large LCD screens for the passenger to enjoy too. The security is presented thorough mechanism air sacks and standard safety belts.

2018 Ford Super Chief performance

It may be a rough pickup heavy-duty truck, but it won’t stop it from being eco-friendly like Ionic or Prius.  While it is not entirely fuel friendly, but at least it features tri-flex fuelling system that enabled 6.8 liters 30 valves SOHC engine. The engine operated on 6-speed transmission that delivers 550hp and 400 lb-ft torque. All those engines make the fuel tank last for at least 500 miles before filling it up again. The new design is capable of functioning on gasoline, E85 ethanol, or even hydrogen that can be switch by the users. FYI the hydrogen gas is eco-friendly and releases less carbon-dioxide than the other fuel.

2018 Ford Super Chief Price

The assumption on the price may be for around $ 65,000 and may be accessible in the showroom in the last semester of 2018.

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